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Why buy a panther chameleon from us? Because we are 110% committed to our customers and our panther chameleons. We offer the best health and satisfaction guarantee in the business. Take one look at our gallery of panther chameleons, and you will see why hobbyists all over the world regard us as “the best of the best”. Our reputation of exceptional customer service before and after the sale is second to none. If we don’t respond within 12 hours of receiving your email or call, we’ll gladly take $20.00 off your next panther chameleon purchase*. Read more.

Our goal is to FULLY REPRESENT the panther chameleons that we offer.  Our Chameleon Tracking system will ensure that our customers are armed with as much information about our chameleons, prior to purchasing.  All the details about each individual chameleon is browseable by the public.  Our goal is that you'll be 100% confident in your purchase, and in our company.
Below is a list of our past articles and “Do It Yourselves.  Right now we are a bit short on them, but don't worry, we'll have them out soon! 
Are you setup for your new chameleon?
An introduction to Panther Chameleons and care.
Do It Yourself: Baby Cage.

Are you setup for your new chameleon?

Are you setting up for your new panther chameleon?  Are you unsure about your current setup?   Well you came to the right place. read more 

Customer Quotes

He is gorgeous, simply incredible.  Truly one of the best Pardalis I ever laid my eyes on.  He looks so much better in person.  I just didn't expect that his color would be this astonishing.  I am really satisfied with him, and so are my friends and family.  Thank you very much, he is worth every penny

Keo, CA 


I just wanted to thank you Vince for answering all my questions about my Sambava throughout the last couple of months. When I first purchased him at three months of age I often wondered how this little guy was going to turn from brown to some truly vibrant colors. He is about ten months of age now and nothing short of stellar. It goes to show how dedicated you are to your breeding, care, and customer service of the panther chameleons you sell. I just wanted to thank you again. I couldn't be happier with my Sambava.


I recently purchase a baby Ambilobe male from screameleon. They were very informative and answered all my question very quickly. Vincent and Farrah helped with everything. My baby arrived safe and sound and very healthy. I have never purchased an animal on the internet and was worried. They eased all my concerns. You can tell they take pride in their animals and I would recommend them to anyone.

Savannah, GA

Yeah! I just got him in the cage about 10 minutes ago he is eating now :) He looks great! Healthy healthy eyes!! How many crix does a guy his size usually eat? What are you doing for supplementation now (what types of dust, still herpvite and mineral? how often etc?)
Haha now he is drinking amazing! So healthy right out of the box!
We will decide on a name today and send some pics.
Man I gotta get to work. More updates to come. Thanks a million to you and Farrah!

Thanks again


Claudia received her cham and is very pleased. He is already eating, drinking and checking out his new home. As you said he is very sweet and does not seem to dislike being handled, which she is keeping to a minimal, just enough for him to get use to her. Thank you so much!!


After a few months of speaking with Vincent we finally purchased our beautiful Female Nosy Be. She was delivered in excellent condition and is doing well. Every question or concern we have had have been answered quickly and accurately. We have been completely satisfied with the level of service we have received from Screameleons. We are looking forward to breeding our Chameleons and are hopeful that we will have healthy happy babies in the future with Vincent's help. The Screameleons website is a wealth of information for anyone interested and it is quite obvious that they do everything with thoughtfulness and pride. Thanks Guys!

Scott and Mary Ann Spilman
(and Lacey too)

I'd like two give two thumbs up to Vincent and his Wife (Screameleons) We recieved our much anticipated BlueBar Ambilobe boys last week and they are perfect in every way. They came beautifully packed and when opened they seemed to be wearing smiles! They have taken to their new home w/ease and are wonderful eaters. They're condition and personality are a testiment to Screameleons devotion to their projects. Will be looking forward to seeing the results of their future projects,


Thanks Much - Carl Ashlock
North Carolina

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Red Bar Ambilobe Panther
The Ambilobe comes in two flavors.  Red Barred and Blue Barred.  The Red Barred displays intense red bars on a bright yellow background.  These chameleons appear to glow when excited.

Blue Bar Ambilobe Panther
The second flavor is the Blue Barred Ambilobe.  Our Blue Bars typically display thick blue barring on a lime green background.  They also display Red highlights throughout.  


Blue Nosy Be Panther
Solid blue is the goal.  This morph displays different shades of blue with yellow and red highlights around the eyes and lips.  These guys are jaw droppers! 

Nosy Mitsio Panther
This morph is considered Ultra-Rare.  Very few have been imported to the US, and Screameleons is the only known breeder in the US to have produced CBB offspring.  This morph fires up a Solid Yellow background that is simply stunning. 


Sambava Panther
Bright Oranges and Yellows is what this morph has to offer.  At rest they can display maroon barring on a deep green background.   

Ambanja Panther

This morph can display deep blue banding.  Red barring is also common with this morph.  In some cases, both red and blue banding is observed in the same animal.  In such cases, the barring appears purple.

Tamatave Panther

Screaming Solid Red is what you can expect from one of our Tamataves. Although not considered rare, tamataves are not as readily available as the other morphs.  Especially the Red Tamataves.

Ankaramy Panther
The Pink Panther is considered to be a rare morph, and some even consider them to be difficult to keep.  Our Pink Panthers display a light pink background with hot pink highlights.  

Andapa Panther
This locale is very similar to the Sambava.  However, there are subtle differences that are worth distinguishing.  This morph displays bright yellows, maroons, oranges and greens.  Some even display a bit of blue in the barring.

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